About The Organisation

Founded in 2012, Fun Cases set off on a mission to provide the young teenagers of the world with super cool phone cases, and we're certainly on our way to doing so!

Fun Cases is proudly a family run business, with a very hard-working team. We specialise in YouTuber phone cases, being named the home of the YouTuber phone cases. Having sold over 50,000 cases, satisfying hundreds of customers on a daily basis, we're one of the fastest growing phone case & accessory retailer in the UK.

I should also mention, it's my own business too!


  • Create a decadent International online presence to showcase and sell products that appeal to teenagers
  • Create an automated program for orders to warehouse, without human intervention
  • Manage and post to 30,000+ fans on social media
  • Host the site securely to withstand over 25,000+ visitors each month
  • Provide greater device accessibility through Responsive Web Design
  • Graphically create designs to be sold as merchandise
  • Create PPC and retargeting campaigns to increase traffic and conversion rates

Fun Cases Case Study

Key Statistics

In just 5ish years, the business has increased more than expected, which has meant undertaking a few re-designs a long the way. The latest of which was launched in October 2017.

Within the first month of launch;

  • Visitors increased to 27,000 (+34%)
  • Conversion rate increased to 5.7% (+1.4%)
  • Bounce rate decreased to 28% (-13%)
  • Orders increased to 8,760 (+2,198)
  • Organic traffic 70% (+18%)

  • See The Finished Site


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