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Shopify eCommerce Website Design
Shopify eCommerce Website Development

Project Overview

Kibble Watches specialise in vintage watches, so their website needed to accommodate single products with a single quantity, with a quick turnaround. The products needed to be easy to add, edit and remove as there was new products coming in and out daily.

Repeat purchase through design

With the intention of increasing repeat customers due to the ever changing inventory, this website suited Kibble Watches’ business plan.

Client flexibility

The site was designed with our client in mind. Everything is entirely customisable, from the layout of the page, sections, colours and content. To showcase their previous sales, we also created a ‘sold’ page for Kibble Watches to effectively use as a portfolio.

Mobile in mind

The entire landing page is fully responsive, with vigorous testing across browsers and devices, the customer will have a pleasant experience no matter the scenario.

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