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WordPress Website Design
Wordpress Website Development

Project Overview

At the beginning of 2018 we were approached by Brigade Guarding. They came to us with a Wix site that they had made themselves, with an unprofessional domain and design. We provided them with a fully responsive WordPress site, with a professional domain and hosting.

Enticing customers and potential franchisees

The site was designed and developed with customers and potential franchisees in mind. Brigade Guarding wanted to obtain leads from possible clients, but also try to sell a franchise to other areas of the UK at the same time.

Client flexibility

The site was built on WordPress, as it was the perfect platform for customers and franchisees, as well as the business owners to update and manage the content.

Mobile in mind

The entire landing page is fully responsive, with vigorous testing across browsers and devices, the customer will have a pleasant experience no matter the scenario.

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