Hi, I'm Michael

I'm an entrepreneur with experience in starting and building 3 businesses in 3 different markets

Hi, I'm Michael and I'm an eCommerce entrepreneur with over 7 years experience in web design, graphic design, marketing and eCommerce. I specialise in both Magento and Prestashop platforms, be it a first website or expansion into wider marketplaces or international ecommerce. I set-up and run my own business, Fun Cases, which has over 20,000 monthly visitors and a 5%+ average conversion rate. Selling on an internationally translated site and marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, all integrated and fully automated with custom built software and modules.

I’m a very ambitious person. Setting up a business at the age of just 15 proves that. I’m extremely dedicated to working and love what I do. I’m not somebody that will just sit back and settle for something because it works. I want to know why it works, how it can be made better and how I can use it elsewhere. I’m a perfectionist, and every detail truely does matter to me.

I now run 3 of my own, successful businesses, with the aim to make it 5 by the end of 2019. One is a phone case retailer, another is a web and graphic design business, and the third is a logo design service. All 3 enable me to keep my skills broad and up to date. Too long in a particular field and you lose what’s up to date and ‘in’, that’s why all 3 of my companies enable me to showcase and develop all of my skills and the things I enjoy.

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